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      TT-858 Direct Drive Intelligent Rapier Loom

      This machine is suitable for weaving of cotton and blended fibers. The main drive is directly driven by a high starting torque motor, which has significant energy saving effects. The structure of the whole machine is stable and reliable. There are no vulnerable components such as transmission belts, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, reducing maintenance time and costs.

      TT- 828 Digital Hi-Speed Rapier Loom

      This machine is suitable for twisting of pure and blended cotton, wool, linen, polyester, spandex, sewing thread, etc., which saves 40% of energy compared with similar models. And other functions.

      TT-8001 Air Jet Loom

      This machine is suitable for the manufacture of home textiles and industrial fabrics such as denim, lining, cotton fabrics, worsted fabrics, window screens, etc. It adopts a modular combination design and can freely choose openings, pneumatic folding edges, and other mechanisms. The maximum speed can reach 1250R / min, and the maximum weft insertion rate can reach 2700M / min. The innovative design of the weft insertion system achieves energy saving of 10%.


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